Welcome to Panna shop

PANNA is a hand-crafted leather goods company, based in the Bay Area, California.

Panna Kovacs, the owner and the designer creates unique pieces, inspired by this beautiful and mysterious place of the world.

‘I am a biochemist researcher, who have always had a passion for design, art and crafts. I love science, but I was always looking for something at the side, which has more immediate relevance to the real world.

The idea of Panna design was born in 2011, when I grabbed scrap leathers from the attic of my cousin’s furniture workshop and I started to experiment with building bags.

Each pieces in my shop is completely hand-crafted. Because they are handmade and mostly made from upcycled leather, no two bags are ever going to be exactly the same!


I am making my bags with Big Hungarian Love with a speck of Californian spirit!’

Please contact me if you want to order custom and check out my current inventory in the shop!’

With love, Panna.

Behind the scenes.

Here are some images of us and our works.

We get people saying

“I have used my Panna bag every day since the day I bought it. I love how it dresses up and down with equal ease. Quality of leather is outstanding – soft, supple, and sturdy. My favorite leather purse I’ve owned!”